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Humanity is a consciousness based company that provides intuitive, creative and inspired human management solutions to those who accept that 21st century organisations need to seek superior results through culture and conscious leadership. You see, at Humanity, we go a significant step beyond the methods that have been tried and tested over the last 50 years.

Through the use of our Performance Predictor Model and Consciousness Quotient tool CQ™, we are now able to predict the performance of different candidates for any defined job in the context of the organisation.

The implications are massive. Imagine the productivity, the creativity, and the passion. Imagine beating your projected revenues and margins became a rule.

It is in our ability to source and match individuals to companies and jobs more precisely than our competitors that is the source of our competitive advantage.

Our Performance Predictor™ model is able to match more precisely the needs of the 21st century job to the individual.

We can do this because we comprehensively pre-test all our candidates for both functional and behavioural competence before we assess your company and job needs on the same basis.

What you need to know about Humanity 101

•We are a retained specialist search recruitment agency for Africa •We partner with our clients to source the best talent using our ground breaking methodology •Key to our methodology is the fact that we go beyond functional competence to measure every candidate’s behavioral competence before we attempt to make a match •Our fees are between 20% and 25%, we justify our fees with our approach and groundbreaking methodology. What other recruitment agency does this? None, but they expect high fees. •We offer an extended guarantee of 6 months for

ALL our placements

•We are ASPO certified •We are a level 3 BEE company •We are not positioned to work on assignments of less than R450k •We will call in a variety of vertical markets and place across most horizontal specialisations. •Our website is where we hope to start our relationship with our candidates. •We take the business of recruiting very seriously, but we believe will can still have fun while we are doing it. •We are not your typical recruitment agency!! Use us once and we guarantee you wont use another recruiter again.

•Our belief in this holistic ‘matchmaking’ philosophy is so strong that you will find its visual presence in our logo. •Based on a Celtic love knot, the Humanity logo portrays the three crucial aspects: mind, body and soul which need to be in harmony with the job to create the peace, joy and love that high performing employees express when they say, “I LOVE my job”.


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