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Indlovukazi Recruitment is a proudly owned BEE company. We consist of a compliment of 10 skilled staff, and are compliant with the Equity Act of Southern Africa. The company is premised on a dynamic professional oriented practice. Our aim is to provide clients and candidates with a responsive and professional service leading to a more efficient and effective recruitment process for all stakeholders. The new business environment has indeed compelled us to provide information in the recruitment field, which includes the following:

  • Clear understanding of client needs
  • Skills matching
  • Thorough in-depth interviewing
  • Aftercare policy
  • Mutual relationship with candidates and clients
  • Personalised professional service
  • Conduct confidential and credit checks
  • Reference checks

This is achieved through in-depth interviewing, assessing in detail the suitability of candidates for specific positions, referring CV's and personalised synopsis to clients. The aforementioned is complimented by a follow-up policy, which reinforces our eagerness to build a mutually beneficial relationship with clients and candidates. This policy gives us an opportunity to continuously monitor and evaluate our services so as to effect improvements.


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