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R.P.E - Recruitment & Placement Executives is a skills management company specialising in recruiting high calibre professionals from an intermediate to executive level in the market place, with a resourcing approach, which is different to traditional recruitment. Our value proposition is equal respect.


Equal respect to our candidates. Every candidate is invited in for a competency based and soft skills based interview to learn more about you and what you are looking for. We never send out your cv without asking for your permission first. We tell you all about the company, go through specifications, ask you to conduct your own research and then always ask for your permission. This way ensuring 3 key elements:

  1. Ensuring this is the exact role and company you are searching for.
  2. Eliminating time-wasters.
  3. Ensuring that when you walk through your door for an interview at a client, this is exactly where you want to be and so put your best foot forward.


Equal respect to our clients. We spend a lot of time on site at clients so we can get the very best understanding of your specific needs. We believe that skills are easy to find however, finding the correct culture fit or meeting of minds is actually what we do. Meeting you personally on-site allows us to build solid relationships directly with you the decision maker, assess your needs and find the most correct person to fulfil this need now and in the long term.


Equal respect to ourselves. We do not work with everyone. We work with candidates who are serious about searching for something new and rewarding. We do not work with candidates who are trying to find out how much they are worth in the market place. We do not work with candidates who are trying to scare their current employers into giving them a raise. We work with people who are seriously looking for something great. We do not work with every client. We intend to surround ourselves with a few select and targeted clients. We ultimately search for places that we would feel proud working ourselves. Our client list spans a few industries to give our candidates choice. A few examples are: Investec, Metropolitan, Rand Merchant Bank,ABSA,Discovery,Dariel Solutions, Aon South Africa, AON Re and Momentum Collective Benefits, Momentum Wealth and Momentum Funds at Work.


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